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DoorWooD Door Factory Interroom Doors Kiev - About Us

Door Factory

Inter-room doors Kiev Kharkiv Ukraine

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We are the DoorWooD door factory™

Kiev's door factory

The inter-room doors are clear with eaves.

We are a door factory and we make doors out of a whole array of maple ash etc. We supply inter-room doors Kiev to Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities. Our production is located in Kharkiv. And we supply products all over Ukraine. In other words, all over Ukraine you can become a happy owner of our factory products.  And in addition to the doors to our customer, we additionally offer a large list of products. And if we set out to list it all here, a long text would take a lot of time on this page. 

Our products

DoorWooD's door factory produces a variety of carpentry products from an array of natural wood of various breeds.  The main activity of our company is the manufacture of wooden doors of various types: inter-room and front doors, open and sliding doors, arched doors and radius doors. Radius doors are those that are also called bent.

Kiev door factory

A wooden staircase made of an array of ash.

And also we make wooden stairs of a variety of configurations - straight marches, corner with turns and platforms or spiral, with balustrades and railings. Learn more about the stairs in the relevant section of the site. And it is necessary to mention the skirting board, because it is often ordered along with the doors. As well as various elements of individual furniture. 

The main material is an array

Kiev door factory

Inter-room doors Kiev Doors and decorative beams. DoorWooD Door Factory

The main material with which the DoorWooD door factory works is an array of hardwood - ash, oak, maple, etc. Many people, especially in such fast-growing cities as Kiev, are consumers of our products. Indeed, the array provides the widest technical capabilities and expands the range of products manufactured by the DoorWooD factory. 

Our advantages

Kiev's door factory

Kitchen with wooden facades

The big advantage of the DoorWooD door factory is that we work with the array. That's why our client turns to us. After all, he can order everything in one place - and doors and stairs and kitchen. Well judge for yourself, here,for example, the city in which you live - Kiev. And you have a house or an apartment. But there are necessary and doors and stairs and skirting and kitchen, and openings, maybe even arched. And if you want the kitchen facades to be the same style with doors - for example in the classics, well, or in modern. And all this is possible as we offer you - not just doors only only, but complex interior solutions.

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! And to order doors from us - very easy. You can use any of the messengers you love. Our managers are always in touch to advise you and calculate the order. Just click on the link and write.  

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