Итальянская дверная ручка

DND by Martinelli

Акционная цена на модель LUCE в цвете матовый хром

Всего - 797 ₴

Factories – to workers, Land – to peasants, and Dealers – cooperation!

DOORWOOD ™ Door Factory
Cooperation with dealers


DOORWOOD door factory supplies interior doors from Ukraine to various countries, including: the United States of America, EU countries, Asia, etc. If you are interested in establishing cooperation with a reliable supplier of interior doors, we are happy to establish contact with you and provide you with everything essential to the success of your business.

To discuss the details of cooperation, you can write to Viber
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To watch this video on the DoorWooD YouTube channel, go to
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Cooperation with dealers

Factories – to workers, Land – to peasants, and Dealers – cooperation!

If you are interested in a reliable and profitable B2B business, then in our person you will find a reliable partner!

We are committed to Cooperation with dealers and provide the necessary tools and tools to work with our products.
Contact us and we will provide you with any of the following materials:

  • Presentation
    The offer
    Loyalty program
    If you are interested, we can additionally provide you with:
    Door block cut layout
    A set of color schemes (vykras)
    Any technical information (installation instructions, product drawings, parts list, etc.)

We are also ready to acquaint you with our production so that you can be convinced of the high technical capabilities of our factory. We are interested in long-term cooperation with companies selling interior doors, architects, designers, construction organizations, which could become our distributors and dealers on their territory of Ukraine, as well as become our international partners.

If you are interested in such an opportunity, namely to sell interior doors of the DOORWOOD ™ trademark, then it is best to contact our representative on this matter by phone. +38 (063) 100-01-70 (WhatsApp) or send commercial offers to mail@doorwood.ua

Just leave your contact and we will contact you.

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