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DoorWooD Factory's Inter-Room Door Portfolio

As you can see, our door portfolio is extensive! And that's certainly not all of what we've done. These photo doors are those few that remotely photograph and post on the site. But what is important, every photo, it is essentially a positive review of us as a manufacturer. If you are looking for door inter-room wooden in Kharkiv, then you have got to the right place. This is one of the key pages of our website. Here you can see the DoorWooD door portfolio™. Extensive photo album of our doors, which is constantly updated with photos of doors in the interior, made right on objects. No 3D drawings! Only "live" photos!

In our portfolio of doors, only real, real photo doors!

On our website you probably will not find or almost not find designer drawings of doors.  Here you can see only the real portfolio, that is real pictures of real doors.  And even in our store door images of goods are also real photos.

Choose a door model for yourself

If you don't see here in our portfolio of doors, it is the model of the door as you want. Or you don't want a door made of ash, but rather want the same, but from a different tree. Or suppose there is a model you like, but you would prefer it in a different color – don't get upset. Most often we make the inter-room doors from ash and work to order and you can order doors, just like you want.

   And to discuss all the details of the possible order, get detailed advice and about the doors, and about stairs and about window products, etc., you can by phone marked on the contact page or at the bottom of the site. You can also make a miscalculation of the cost of the order or any of the door you choose.

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