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Doors and stairs to a private house in Kharkiv region


Doors and Stairs

Private house in Kharkiv region
Ash doors, decorative beams, wooden staircase to the second floor

Doors and stairs to a private house.

A good object is doors and stairs to a private house. And we are happy to present you some good photos of good doors and stairs. We made the doors out of ash. The color of the toning with the customer was selected individually. The task set before us by the customer to make the color of the stairs look like the color of the doors, but all with some difference, as the doors on the first floor of the house in a completely different color. After several trial and error, the color was able to pick up and fully satisfy the customer's wishes. And here again there were the advantages that the customer gets ordering doors from us - complex work (the ability to order and doors and stairs in one place), individual approach and guarantees of the quality of doors and all carpentry products.

ladder of ash Doors in the Interior Interior Solutladder of ashions Staircase fromdoors and stairs Ash Wooden Staircase Goose Step doors of ashDoor from Ash bathroom

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! And to order doors from us - very easy. You can use any of the messengers you love. Our managers are always in touch to advise you and calculate the order. Just click on the link and write.

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