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When is the interior door installed correctly?

install inter-room doors

How and when to install the right inter-room doors so as not to kill them with construction?

This question arises all the time - when to install the inter-room doors correctly? I constantly communicate with clients who are interested in making doors. And they pick up the model, the color, what material the doors will be made of, and ultimately what it's going to cost them. So, that's what prompted me to write this post - a photo that i sent another customer on Skype. So, the photo of the doors is "in the studio." This horror reminded me that I have long wanted to write a post with the recommendations that I often (i.e. even constantly) tell, advising people about doors.

It's not right to do that!

In this photo - a vivid example of how to do NOT right! After all, the doors of money are worth! And even the money is not small. First, the customer trades about discounts and about the timing - you want cheaper and faster - always. But! Having received the desired, often by ignorance or the fault of unscrupulous advice of builders, people bring the doors to the apartment, which has not yet finished construction work. It's NOT RIGHT. Doors should be installed ONLY at the end of repair work, not earlier than when all dirty, wet and dusty works are done. Otherwise, it is fraught with the fact that you have the opportunity to see in the picture - dusty doors.

Dust is not contraindicated!

And the dust, which has been absorbed into the varnish, which has been stuffed into all the cracks, will never be washed out. Putty, tiles, wallpaper - all this is elevated RUM. Often, doors, standing in such conditions, swell and deform to a greater or lesser extent. It does not matter what material these doors are made of, whether it is doors from an array or glued array, it is MDF laminated, MDF venerated or something. Everything is spoiled by construction. What we end up getting is product spoiling. At best, the doors will lose their marketable appearance and sense of novelty, as if you have installed a great-looking door.

So when is it right?

Well, but how, after all, and when to install the inter-room doors correctly? As I noted above - the final stage of repair. After all, doors - it's such an element of the interior, almost like furniture. No one brings sofas and tables to the apartment where the putty works are going! It's the right way to do it with the doors. It is correct to install the doors after the wallpaper is pasted and the flooring is laid. The door box is installed on laminate/parquet/floor board. The nail in our doors is not nailed, but is inserted into the groove on the box and lies on the previously pasted wallpaper, tightly adjacent to them. Doors are installed on mounting foam, mechanical fastening in the wall (anchor or self-cutters) is installed only if necessary, at the discretion of the installer, and put only in hidden places. Thus, visible fastener is not allowed.

Preparation of the opening, the key word - in advance!

And, by the way, I note that the need to fasten the anchors of the box in the wall arises mainly when the construction work is still underway, and, therefore, you can be sure that the changes of humidity and deformation will be. For all this, we need pre-prepared werehes. But some builders ask - "put me doors, I need a box, I will put the walls on!". Again - THIS IS NOT RIGHT! A qualified specialist is able to calculate and prepare geometrically correct opening under future doors, for which all the tools - level, plumb, rule, etc. - are available in his arsenal. Of course, it is easier to just put on the eye the wall from the already standing box and no calculations are required, but it is not right!.

How do you calculate the opening under the door?

When to properly install doors how to make a measurement of the openingThe correct aperture under the door - for example, 800 mm - is calculated so. The width of the door line is 800mm and the thickness of the door box profile on both sides is 800.60 mm. This is the size of a door block on the outer plane of the box. To this width are added installation gaps on the mounting foam, one and a half centimeters on each side. The total is 860 to 30 mm - the width of the aperandum. The depth of the aperandum may depend on the thickness of the putty layer, which will be applied when the walls are leveled. Walls must be leveled. They should be in the level (in the plumb). Otherwise, if the wall is tilted, then the door will also have to be tilted, which is fraught with spontaneous opening or closing of doors.

If everything is done correctly and in order, then installing the inter-room doors is not difficult and time takes not much and almost does not produce any dirt. After all, locks and loops are already embedded in production, even before the doors were painted. The door box is assembled as a designer, fixed in the aperandic foam, cashiers are inserted into the grooves and - voya-la! You can safely use your doors immediately, having only fun!

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