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How to measure the opening to order doors?


When should I order doors?

order doors

How and when should I order doors?

Let's start all over again and understand in order, if you need to order the doors, at what point it is best to do it. After all, doors are not cheap, especially if it is wooden doors. Therefore, it is important to understand the process, how everything will happen from start to finish.

Repair is a process

Repair is not a process, but a state of mind. That's what Juvanetsky was joking about. But it is the process that is important for us now. And especially the fact that it concerns the doors in this process. Doors need an ad. And that's the first one. And secondly, the doors should be installed on a certain surface, that is, the floor. So we end up with two things - floor and walls. By the time the doors are installed, they should be ready. The walls should be flat and in a plumb, and on the floor should be a screed. And this moment should be called a meter or measure the aperture itself.

Order doors

order doors

The perfect opening under the door.

That's where the moment comes when you have to measure the aperture. That is, at the stage of repair, when dirty work is still done. But at the same time we can be sure that the stoic walls will not change and the height of the floor is also clear to us. For example, we know exactly the thickness of the tile. And here I'll make another little reservation. All these recommendations are appropriate only if the size of the aperandum is not set by the design project initially. How to actually do the most correctly. Although in life it is not always exactly as designers will draw.

The process of measuring the aperandy

So let's say our builders did well and did everything right. You took the roulette and measured the awe by height. Then measured the width and depth of the aperandion, that is, the thickness of the wall.

order doors

Height, width and depth of the hole.

And it turned out that the walls are in a plumb. That they are smooth and the thickness of the wall and at the top and bottom is the same. That means it's ok. Then from the measured height we will deduct 20mm and from the width of 40mm. It's an indentation to the gap for mounting foam. On each side of one and a half to two cm. And that's how we get the size of the door block. Let's say the width of the aperandum is 900mm. So the width of the door block will be 860mm. And the height of the open - 2060mm corresponds to the door block 2040mm. We get a door block with a box - 2040x860x100 (wall thickness) millimeters. These are the most common sizes of the door block under the standard door canvas 2000x800

Order doors at DoorWooD

In order to order doors from us, it is enough to know the approximate size. Then you communicate through phones, messengers or mail with the manager. And he will gladly help you, advise in the intricacies, help to pick up a model of the door in the price category suitable for your budget. Everything else is a matter of technique as they say. After all, we all take the trouble of carrying out the order from the very beginning - measurements, and to the "victory end" of the installation turnkey.

It's easy with us!

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! And to order doors from us - very easy. You can use any of the messengers you love. Our managers are always in touch to advise you and calculate the order. Just click on the link and write.

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