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How to choose doors? What are they, how to classify them?


How to choose doors?

I want to touch on this important topic - how to choose doors. I will share my reasoning in this area. I will not inanyt to give exhaustive information about what doors in this world are and what their design features are, but I will describe and briefly describe only some of the most common of them. At the same time, I hope that the information presented in this post will be useful to you, that is, the final consumer and you will be able to make an informed choice in favor of this or that type of door.

So still how to choose the doors! What are they, and how can they be classified? And To classify the doors I will by design and material from which they are made. I'll start with the cheapest.

The doors from the MDF are paper doors.

   Doors from MDF with cellular filling. I simplisticly call them "paper doors." These are paper doors covered with paper and paper (cellular filling) inside. Many have seen these doors in the markets and supermarkets and they don't need detailed descriptions. The price of these doors is not great and speaks for itself, because all that is wooden in these doors - it's a pine (usually) bar on the perimeter of the door.Inter-room wooden doors in Kharkiv As can be seen in the picture a blank door canvas is cheaper by a hundred hryvniathany than the canvas under the glass. This is because the staple on which the glass is installed apparently also made of wood. This creates such an increase in price by 40% of the cost of a blank canvas. More I do not know what can be said about doors that cost twice as much as more or less decent sneakers.

Next on the cost are the doors pasted with paper photos wallpaper to the texture of the tree. How to choose doorsThe boxes and cashiers they are equipped with are also cardboard and are also pasted with paper photos wallpaper under the texture of the tree. Installers, which these doors install, have to contend with the special "flexibility" of cardboard boxes and the difficulty of hammering nails into paper at the fastening of cash. Inside, they're arranged like this:


Or even so:

MDF mobile doors, honeycomb in doors, choice of doors

Doors from MDF are not strong. "How to choose doors"

Choosing doors among paper doors is easier (and this is their advantage) choose what is cheap and does not cut the eye ;)

The veneered doors are made from MDF and combined.

Next are the doors of the MDF venerated. Constructive features and these doors are also diverse. The main features of "this beast" - they are inside empty (hundreds) or full (MDF-plates or a splintered array of wood of cheap rocks, usually conifers, usually pine) and all this in all sorts of combinations. Sometimes these doors are called - Combined. They are arranged as:

Manufacturers of this type of door reach different levels of quality. Accordingly, the prices for doors from veneered MDF-a are also very different. By combining materials, the cost of producing such doors is cheaper. Plus the combination and gluing of all materials under the presses ensures the stability of the geometry of the door canvas. At the same time, it is possible to use veneer of different types of wood, including exotic ones. What MDF manufacturers are proud of, contrasting the advantages of their products with the shortcomings of doors from the array, and especially the instability of their geometry.

Wooden doors from the array.

So, the doors are made of an array of wood. If you want to know my opinion on how to choose doors, it is - you have to choose from wooden doors. But they are also very different. What I write about them last means that they are the most expensive - you will think. In many ways this is true, but not always. Not all doors from the array are so expensive. There are wooden and cheap sandy and even quite cheap doors. The market for these doors is also very extensive. First of all, the price depends on the material, that is, on the breed of wood. So does the manufacturer's technology and wood processing materials and the final quality of the product. Cheaper doors are made of pine. It is the most common tree breed used in doorbuilding. Such doors are in the same budget price category with inexpensive medium quality doors of veneered MDF-a with filling from a spalled array of the same pine. But good doors from the array, comparable in price with expensive, high-quality sps. MDF-om is more expensive than it is, and they are made of noble wood. We have it most often oak and ash. Consumer fears about the stability of the geometry of the doors from the array are often justified, but only thanks to unscrupulous artisanal manufacturers.  Doors from the array have their own technical and design features, which will be discussed further, and at the same time on the example of our doors, doors of the brand DOORWOOD™, comparing the similarities and differences of them with the doors of the veneered MDF. Why is it better to order doors than to buy them at the supermarket?

Here are a few factors:

1) The life of the inter-room door.

Installing the inter-room door, you certainly want it not only to look good, but also served as long as possible. The most durable are the filleted doors of an array of hard wood.

how to choose the door of the Interroom Door of oak

The door of the oak is filleted, textured. "how to choose doors"

Hard breeds include deciduous trees such as mahogany, oak, beech, cherry, walnut, ash, and soft conifers such as pine. In addition, the filletdoors are distinguished by a representative look, relatively small weight, good sound insulation. For high quality you need to pay and a high price. That's why not everyone can afford such doors.

The durability of the filleted doors, made of coniferous rocks, is inferior in durability. Their wood is soft, more prone to deformations and varnish will not be able to protect such a door for a long time, the coating as necessary will have to be updated. We produce doors made of pine, but only sometimes and very reluctantly.  All because the pine is a soft conifer serving in the case of veneered doors internal filler. Therefore, we prefer to make doors of noble hardwood, which are oak and ash.

how to choose door door canvas, fillet ash, ash texture, interior doors from an array of ash doorwood.dveri

The door of ash is the color of a whitened oak tree. "how to choose a deri"

how to choose door kharkiv, faceted glass in the door, inter-room doors from the array of ash doorwood.dveri how to choose door inter-room, door kharkov, Fantazy DoorWooD tm Kharkiv, inter-room doors from an array of to choose door inter-room door, model - Dresden, oak array, inter-room door from oak array

2) Ecology

In the doors of the array, as much as possible of course, whole pieces of wood. That's why the doors are called "out of the array." Accordingly, in such doors a minimum of glue, and the maximum natural material of wood, and at the same time as it grows in nature. This fakotor distinguishes DoorWooD tm doors from MDF doors, the specific weight of which largely consists of the weight of glue. The MDF itself is a slab, a sprayed mass soaked in adhesive composition. Glued veneer, multiple sticking of small parts, etc. The practice of working with MDF doors shows a persistent trend - our installers, almost everyone, after a while there is an allergy to MDF, and this is a fact! Why is it better to order doors than to buy them at the supermarket?

The contence of the inter-room doors of the array.

DoorWooD tm is also their advantage. A rounded profile of the door box, a groove under the door seal, which will provide silent, soft closing doors and sound insulation. The so-called "telescopic cash" thanks to which you will never see any cracks between the cashier and the box, and such blasphemy as nailnail nailing to the box does not even have to think. Plus it fits perfectly with the walls. Of course, the form of the cashier is negotiated with the customer and can be the most diverse. The door canvas is not rectangular in shape as usual, but with an influx that allows you to install adjustable in three planes loops OTLAV. Another advantage of the influx is that it closes the gap between the door and the box, therefore, and this gap can be left more - because it is not visible and mashing, the appearance of which is likely with minimal gaps, one hundred percent will not, and to The same is another plus in the aesthetic look of the door! How and when to install the right inter-room doors

Our recommendation - to the question of how to choose doors, approach consciously, having comprehensive information.

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