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Kiev Doors Inter-Room from Ash Stick 3.1

Wooden inter-room doors at the facility in Kiev. Coverage - oil-wax. Door fittings - Colombo handles, locks - AGB, Otlav loops, Planet guillotine rapids.

I want such doors

Kiev Doors Inter-room from Ash Stick 3.1

We are happy to share with you another photo-report about the work done. We made the doors from ash and installed them at the facility in Kiev. More precisely, it was not Kiev itself, but a private house in the suburbs. And there were various interesting features on this order that I want to share with you.

Door covering - oil-wax

Oil wax is a beautiful material and a very good alternative to the usual polyurethane varnish. Looks incredibly beautiful, especially live. I hope that the photo of the doors will somehow convey this beauty. Wax oil is an absolutely eco-friendly material. In addition, wooden doors covered with them are very easy to restore if necessary. If for example a dog scratched the door - no problem. Just apply the oil and wax with a tampon.

Door hardware - Colombo handles and AGB locks

colombo pens

Colombo Pens

Colombo's Italian doorknobs have performed well. Stylish, beautiful, durable coating - a real Italian quality, that's what to say! We as door manufacturers, based on experience - recommend! We recommend the same and AGB locks. For doors with an influx/quarter - pin loops Otlav with caps and a lock AGB with a silent plastic tongue - the perfect combination.

Planet's guillotine rapids

Planet's guillotine rapids

Planet's guillotine rapids

One of the most important requirements of the customer in this order was high-quality sound insulation. Therefore, when I measured, when i was discussing the details, I suggested applying the drooping or what they call the guillotine rapids. A very convenient device! The descending threshold "hides" at the bottom end of the door. It's completely invisible to the eye. And at the moment of closing the pressure mechanism is triggered and the threshold is lowered. It protects from drafts tightly adjacent to the flooring. Its soundproofing properties are Rw'55dB

Installing doors Process and holding the order from start to finish.

Cues doors inter-room locks agb handles colombo

Kiev Doors Inter-room Cues doors inter-room locks agb handles colombo

When I came to the measurements, I was tasked with replacing two old doors with new ones and making one new one (double door) so that the new doors were similar to the old ones, but that otherwise they were better than the old ones. The old doors were made of pine and covered with polyurethane varnish. The old door was 10 years old and the varnish had already begun to heal its own. But the main problem that worried the customer - it's poor sound insulation. I offered to make the doors out of the ash. The ash tree is dense hard and heavy. The properties of ash are as hard and dense as oak. Accordingly, its soundproofing is better than that of a pine just as much as its wood is denser. In addition, it was proposed to install double-glazed windows ( rather than ordinary glass) and guillotine rapids. Plus, the soft work of the castle with a silent plastic tongue reduces unnecessary extraneous noise.

Photo of doors in the interior

Our order was successfully implemented, the doors were delivered to Kiev and installed. Customers are satisfied, and we are respectively satisfied with the fact that customers are satisfied. So we will have good reviews and many more orders. See the photo doors below and leave your comments and questions underneath this post. And if you want to order such "Kiev Doors Inter-room from ash Stick 3.1" then all modern means of communication at your service, we are always in touch and are active in all social networks ;)

Kiev Doors inter-room from Ash Stick 3.1 - photo doors

cues doors inter-room
Planet's guillotine rapids agb lock in the door bivalve wooden doors Kiev Doors Inter-Room from Ash Stick 3.1 Oil-wax Handles Colombo doors of the inter-room of ash telescopic door box from ash telescopic cash doors of inter-room cues wooden oil-wax doors inter-room doors cues double-glazed windows in the inter-room door inter-room wooden doors cues box and door cloth  pin loops colombo pens installation of doors assembling a box with a co-ordinator pining loop slot

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