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DoorWooD Inter-room doors in Kiev

DoorWooD Inter-room doors in Kiev

This post is how the DoorWooD Inter-Room Doors were installed in Kiev. Or rather not in Kiev itself, but Irpen, a small and very cozy town near Kiev, which often settles Kievresidents, preferring the silence and smell of the snare forest, i can and the noise of the metropolis and build there small, large and very large houses and cottages. And so we received an order to manufacture and install inter-room doors in one of these houses. Sketches were drawn, the model, color, and timing of the order were approved. I am happy to say that our customer, his contractor was satisfied, and the result was quite in line with his ideas and expectations. So I post a photo of the doors, (further beaten phrase :)) It's better to see once….

Photo of the doors

Unfortunately, only the doors installed on the second floor were photographed, as the first work was not finished yet. And it was very annoying, because it was on the first floor more was shown creative design thoughts of the customer. In terms of interior photography, the first floor was the most interesting. But the richer those and happy, as they say (another beaten phrase :)), nevertheless, the doors "look". And this is despite the simpler interior of the second floor.

If reading this post and you wanted the door-to-room DoorWooD yourself in Kiev, then happy to report that we work all over Ukranya. And despite the fact that the production is located in Kharkiv, delivery and installation is not difficult.

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! It's very easy to order a door.

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