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Inter-room doors from ash to house in Odessa. A wooden staircase and a skirting board. Video.


Inter-room doors from ash to house in Odessa

We made, delivered and installed the inter-room doors from ash to the house in Odessa. Despite the fact that our production is located in Kharkiv, we successfully and constantly manufacture and install doors in Odessa. The volume turned out to be quite considerable. In total, it was necessary to make 14 doors one of which is bivalve. In addition, this house had a small staircase. It was in one of the rooms, which was a level difference.

Other features of the order

Of the other features of this order was that in one of the rooms the color of the door and the skirting board had to be different from all the others, so, as you can see in the photos below, one of the doors is painted in different colors from different sides. From the side of the corridor the door as well as everyone else in this corridor is painted in the color of the wenge. And here's the side of the room, the same door, white with a patina. In general, the entire volume - 14 doors, a staircase on 5 steps and a plinth - 16 meters.

[wpvideo VplSFPl1 w="300" hd="true" autoplay="true"]

Our advantages.

You can see the benefits of a comprehensive and customized approach to each order. This is the advantage of our company' work. After all, for us are not afraid of any non-standard that can meet on the way and baffle manufacturers of standardized products.

The first floor of the house.

At this facility on the ground floor, the floor level in the hallway was the same, and the floor level in each of the rooms was different. Each of the doorways was checked individually. The height of the door, the threshold and the extenders are the necessary width. They were made in the shop, individually under each door. And when the doors came to Odessa, no one worried that everything will be right.

How to order or buy doors from us?

We recommend for you it is the inter-room doors from the ash to your house! Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! All our products have a quality guarantee and in case of corruption, it is to be replaced within 18 months of the date of installation. Order or buy inter-room doors from ash to house. Or a ladder and a skirting board, or it's all very simple together. Write to us and outline the task in simple words, and we will form a project and calculate the order.

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