New building in Kharkiv designer doors

This facility is a new building Optima in Kharkiv, where we made designer doors. That is, made according to the design sketch. This is one of those vivid examples on which our work is clearly seen. And especially the advantages that the customer gets by ordering doors from us.

Every detail

Doordoor doors from DoorWooD™ is an example of the exquisite taste of their owners. Which manifests itself when you approach the choice of doors is not superficial. But when every detail of the interior is important to you. The design of this interior was worked out to the smallest detail and one of its key details, became the inter-room doors.

Not just doors

So on this order we made the inter-room doors, the opening frame, as well as the front door lining, which completely repeats the model of the inter-room doors, including false-room cashiers and cornice – completely as on the doors between the rooms. It's all made of an array of maples. Since maple has a smooth texture, this was suitable for a smooth matte painting. Doors are installed on hidden fittings – hidden loops and a magnetic lock. And also, that usually for us the box has a telescopic structure and cashiers are inserted into the grooves, including also the portal. As a result, we got a result that corresponds to the expectations of the customer and the design project.

Photo gallery of the object

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