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Lifting wooden window systems.


Window systems

Lifting wooden window systems is a special offer in the market of window designs. After all, it's not just a sliding window with a double-glazed window. And it's not even a window or a balcony door. This is a fundamentally different design that will allow you to glaze huge areas, such as the exit to the veranda. At the same time it is as easy to use as it would be a light partition! Just imagine how much this mass of glass and wood weighs! Two-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows, as a rule, occupies a large area in such cases, and accordingly the weight is not small. So does the weight of a wooden tree. But the uniqueness of a complex sliding system lies in the fact that you will not notice it in everyday use.

Benefits of a wooden profile

Lifting sliding systems we make from a wooden profile - Eurobrus, which gives the necessary rigidity to such structures as opposed to plastic profiles. It should be noted especially that before plastic, wood has a number of advantages, including structural. And for those as sophisticated as lift-moving, it's just a mast of huh!
Here you can order lifting wooden window systems and they will become a unique feature of the design of your country house or apartment or office.
Order window window systems is very simple, it is enough to make a call or write us in contact form.  This blue mug annoyingly popping out in the bottom right corner of the site is not easy. Our managers are always in touch and happy to give you detailed advice. We will contact you and send the partner for measurements and form a special price for you.
It is impossible not to agree with us!

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