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DND by Martinelli

Акционная цена на модель LUCE в цвете матовый хром

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Got feedback on our doors! Adjusting the hinges in the inter-room doors four years later.

   In this post of our blog I will tell you about how we received a live review of our doors and about adjusting loops on the doorwood inter-room doors.

   We got a call from a customer to whom we installed the doors four years ago about. The complaint was that at the draft, one door was buzzing. I did not miss the opportunity to ask to shoot a reportage video – a review. And it was very nice to have consent.

inter-room doors in the doorwood.

An arched double-barrelled door and also arched windows.

  Doors really, as always with us, are perfectly worth. After installation there were no adjustments – put and forgot! But this is a non-standard situation. The fact is that these doors are installed in a high-rise building and on a high floor. The house itself stands on the mountain – it's a new building on the street. Rymarskaya behind HATOB in Kharkiv. And apparently when the wind intensifies, in the corner room there is a steady thrust and the door "sings", despite the fact that in the usual case it was possible to say quite confidently that the door was installed perfectly, adjoining the seal normally, closing perfectly.
In general, it was possible to fix the problem without problems just slightly by slightly opening the door to the seal.
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