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8 Sep 2023
Radius wooden interior doors of Dnipro. Customer feedback.

Radius interior doors Dnipro. Wooden door. As you know, the door factory DoorWooD is located in Kharkiv. You will probably say, what is the purpose of the Radius wooden interior doors of Dnipro? How did you end up there? Does no one know how to make wooden doors in Dnipro? Perhaps they can, we did […]

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3 Aug 2023
Doors with glass or glass doors, what's the difference?

Doors with glass Doors with glass are not glass doors. At least not with us. After all, the DoorWooD™ door factory specializes in the manufacture of wooden doors. And an important part of them is glazing. The expressions "glass doors" and "doors with glass" in a general sense can be used to refer to the […]

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22 Sep 2021
Large Door Sizes

Large Door Sizes Large door sizes are a challenge for many manufacturers. Since the need to manufacture such interior doors does not arise so often, and it is much easier to stamp something standard, in most cases manufacturers prefer standard sizes. Door factory DOORWOOD It’s not that we, the DOORWOOD door factory, are so radically […]

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29 Nov 2016
We received feedback about DOORWOOD doors! Adjusting hinges on interior doors after 4 years.

Review of DoorWooD doors In this blog post I will tell you about how we received live feedback on our doors and how to adjust the hinges on Doorwood interior doors. We received a call from a customer for whom we installed doors approximately four years ago. The complaint was that when there was a […]

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25 May 2016
Radius interior doors. White glossy doors made of maple Video

This post, this is a short report, about how we made and installed radius inter-room doors in the house in Odessa. And I'm not going to write and write many books for a long time. After all, it is much easier and clearer to watch the video and of course the photos.

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5 Jan 2012
Interior doors Kyiv Irpin doors and plinths in a private house

Interior doors Kyiv Irpin This post will be about how we installed interior wooden doors in Kyiv. And to be more precise, not in Kyiv itself, but in Irpen, a small and very cozy town near Kyiv, which is often inhabited by Kyivans who prefer the silence and smell of a coniferous forest, the possibilities […]

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