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Radius door

radius door

radius door from ash

We got another order - a radius door. The volume is small, but as always non-standard, only one, but a radius. It had to be installed in Kiev. Watch the video of the installation below. Italian interior doors from MDF, veneered, have already been installed at the site. Therefore, we were tasked with making doors similar to those that have already been installed, that is to copy the model and pick up the color.

The result is clear

As you can see with this task we have coped perfectly.
But how much better it would be if the customer approached the issue of ordering doors more pragmatically and comprehensively and ordered all the doors in one place, one batch. This would give an absolute unity of design, color and material from which the doors are made.
Approach the choice of doors wisely!
Choose DoorWooD™ ;)

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