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Акционная цена на модель LUCE в цвете матовый хром

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Radius inter-room doors. White glossy doors made of maple Video

Radius inter-room doors

This post, this is a short report, about how we made and installed radius inter-room doors in the house in Odessa. And I'm not going to write and write many books for a long time. After all, it is much easier and clearer to watch the video and of course the photos. So all this will be lower, and in text form, only briefly outline the main features of this order. And in particular, most of it was the white doors. On the second and third it is glossy doors made of maple. The first floor, doors with two third-hand paint and ash.

Everything we do is unusual.

Actually, not all the doors in this order were radiused. There were also ordinary, swinging, that is flat doors. Although of course they are not ordinary, as well as all that we do. But still radius doors are ordered not so often and therefore in these posts they special attention!;)   So, focus on the screen! You can see much more than you can describe in the words of the printed text!

radius inter-room doors

Radius inter-room doors fit perfectly into the interior.

Big house in Odessa

This house has only three floors and a fourth basement. The top is attic. And the central part of the house is made in the form of a well.radius inter-room doors This well permeates all three floors including the attic floor, which you see in the photo above. You can also see the round wall. And around this well and there were radius doors. radius inter-room doorsAnd by the way, and the fence of this well, and on the second and on the treble floor, we also did. radius inter-room doorsThey are made of maple, in white glossy painting, as well as doors of the second and third floors.

White doors, glossy, radius!

Well very unusual doors! Not just radius inter-room doors, but also in white glossy painting. And I'll tell you, it looks very cool!radius inter-room doors The gloss shimmers, plays. In general, it looks like an expensive car painting. Yes! The inter-room doors, and look like a car!

Doors with a frame, one and a half, of ash.

But the first floor was different from the second and third floors. Here the doors were made of ash, not maple, as on the second and third floors. And the painting was different in each room from the inside. And the side of the doors facing the corridor was painted in the color of the wenge. radius inter-room doorsThat is very similar to the wenge, but in fact, we were picking the color and painted the doors on the RAL catalog. By the way, it is very convenient and you can achieve the desired color with perfect accuracy. Glass tempered – mirror "graphite."

Two-way painting of doors

That's how these same doors look from the inside, and radius inter-room doorsfrom the inside they are in the color gray metallic. Ahah! Again some car associations ;) Here's anoradius inter-room doorsther photo – the blue door. And the last photo of this series is the door to the bathroom. Here it is white, buradius inter-room doorst not glossy, like the doors of maple on the upper floors, and matte. This is to make the texture of the ash under the paint visible. Just like the basement doors.межкомнатные двери и ограждение из клена двери из ясеня покраска по RAL белые двери цокольного этажа. There we chose a simplradius inter-room doorser style of door.

How to order radius edintiary doors?

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! And to order any and including radius inter-room doors from us – very simple. You can use any of the messengers you love. Our managers are always in touch to advise you and calculate the order. Just click on the link and write.

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