Making windows out of wood – actual?

We make windows from high-quality, environmentally friendly wood (eurobrus). At one time wooden frames were declared the "last century" in construction. Main claims: They are not durable (compared to new materials), combustibles, prone to swelling, cracking, rotting and lesion of fungal microorganisms. DoorWooD Door Factory Interroom Doors Kiev – About Us

Fashion is back

open window making windows
Eurobrus – profile of the wooden window

Now – fashion for everything natural. We remembered that wooden windows are unique in their own way. That they "breathe" thanks to natural poons and are not afraid of low temperatures. And with a high-quality performance look no less aesthetically plastic and aluminum. Modern wood processing methods, double-glazed windows, sealing contours and high-quality metal fittings have completely rehabilitated wooden profiles. Glued structures are eco-friendly, durable, have low sound resistance and thermal conductivity. And this means that they certainly do not need to be insulated for the winter. In addition, we note that they are repairable.

The benefits of wooden structures

Any window is primarily a frame. The frame, made of natural wood, gives the house a unique charm. It is able to withstand constant, heavy loads for many years, and has low thermal conductivity. On it, unlike plastic windows, there is no static electricity and do not settle allergens. This is especially important for modern premises, especially when you consider how much synthetics they have. Wood is a unique natural anisotropic material. Its strength properties depend on the direction of the application of external forces in relation to the direction of wood fibers. Accordingly, we use laminated technology glued beam. This allows by taking into account the presence and magnitude of their own internal stresses in each of the slats, to form the strength qualities of the frame in the best way.

Wood quality

production of wooden windows
Window manufacturing

The quality of all materials is essential for making windows. In particular, the quality of the wood of our timber meets the requirements under the standards of DIN6836. The main indicator of wood quality is the humidity of the slats, which does not exceed 8-12%. As a result, bends and cracks in the frame are excluded.

Eurobrus for windows
Eurobrus wooden

When gluing slats, we use the water-resistant glue KLEIBERIT-304.1 (Germany), which on the one hand meets all sanitary requirements for residential and industrial premises, and on the other hand withstands many hours of inspection on the the quality of the adhesive compound. The best quality of the beam is achieved when the annual rings have a tilt of 60 degrees-90 degrees. Therefore, for the manufacture of the window bar is made a special sawing of wood according to the scheme. To release from residual internal stresses after drying, as well as to eliminate wood defects in the slats, be sure to apply a slink on the mini-ship.

Brus – three-layer glued Eurobrus

Glued three-layer eurobrus for the euro-con is made from pine lumber that meet the following requirements:

  • Only the "first cut" is used in sawing
  • Sawing radial or close to it
  • The core is excluded
  • Humidity 8-12%
  • Residual voltage after drying no more than 2%
  • Blue is not allowed


The advantage of wooden glued products lies in the fact that they give the opportunity to create designs of almost any size and shape. This capability is used in the manufacture of original structures for individual buildings and structures, including in size and technical solution.

Iguthermal conductivity of glass windows

Comfort in the room is primarily created by light and warmth. The frames are glazed with double-glazed windows that correspond to GOST 2466-89. This provides the maximum heat saving option for our climate. Even at a temperature of -20 degrees C, the double-glazed windows will remain transparent and will keep the warmth and comfort in your home. Glass is installed instead of the usual glass. It is a complex structure of two or three layers of polished glass, which practically does not settle dust. As a result, the glass always remains clean and unpretentious in care. The glass is connected to each other by a remote frame filled with selikagel, which is a granular coarse substance that absorbs moisture. Absolutely dry air between the glasses prevents them from sweating and freezing.


The glass is absolutely airtight. This is achieved through double sealing. For the primary sealing, the glass pane is pressed through the bottled cord. Butil connects the glass with a remote frame on one side. And on the other hand is a barrier to water vapor. A polyurethane-based thicole sealet is used as a secondary sealing layer. It has a high grip and high elasticity and has simultaneously high performance in mechanical strength in a wide range of temperatures from -60 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. This means that the water vapor will penetrate the glass through 60 years. This glass-glass design is traditional for European countries. However, due to the development of modern technologies, it has been possible to expand and supplement the functions of glass windows.

Thermal insulation

For example, to improve insulation, the interglass space can be filled with gas with very low thermal conductivity. We use one of the noble gases – argon. A heat-reflective coating can be applied to the inner glass. This greatly increases the heat resistance factor, and therefore significantly improves the insulation of the building and reduces heating costs by 20-30%. In addition, the special armored film will so enhance the fencing properties of your window that not only a football, but even thieves, breaking the glass, will not be able to get inside the room (checked in practice).


window and glass window manufacturingThe windows are the most sensitive building parts in the building. On the one hand, they must "isolate" tightly, on the other hand they are in constant action. As for the requirement for a seal, here are the protection against the impact of wind, rain and heat loss. Precious heat reserves are wasted. The environment is under heavy pressure. That's why it's important to make windows an effective and durable sealing material. Especially for our region, where extremely low air temperatures sometimes prevail.


THE seals of the company "DEVENTER" used by us in the production of euro-conco, meet their form and their material to these requirements. and under extremely unfavourable conditions. Ultraviolet radiation, heat and cold, intensive operation of windows and doors do not reduce the efficiency of sealing elements of these firms. The following basic qualities tell us why we chose these seals:

  • Sophisticated combination of materials
  • Guarantees longevity
  • Ensures a reliable operation at extremely low temperatures
  • Perfect return to the starting position
  • Smooth surface
  • Repels dirt
  • Exposed to color
  • Resistance to aging and ultraviolet rays
  • Solid profile back
  • Seamless installation in a veneer groove
  • Excellent fixation in the groove
  • Accurate cutting down of profile on corners
  • Diverse colours

Two seal contours

Eurowindow in the cut
Window in the cut

Temperature changes cause sudden fluctuations in humidity. And this leads to frequent condensation of moisture in a confined space. An example of such space is the intra-window cavities. That is why the production of frames use two-contour seals, which in combination with other elements of the window solve important problems of comfort and comfort in your home.

Window fittings
Making wooden windows with a window sill


Despite the inexhaustible possibilities of constructive solutions, the completeness of any window gives the right fittings. High-quality windows are considered to be equipped with a special shut-off fitting, with which there should be no hassle with proper handling. Experts consider such German fittings. It is reliable in operation and allows you to open a window in two planes.  All you need to do is turn the handle in the right direction.

Roto window fittings

In our arsenal such a well-deserved German firm as Roto™, which ensures the operation of the Eurocon within 35,000 cycles "open-closed." The use of this fitting ensures that the sash is secured in the frame in several places around the perimeter. This fundamental point, of course, complicates and makes the design of the window more expensive, but at the same time provides a tight fit of the sash to the frame, which in turn reduces heat loss, increases sound insulation, provides increased protection against hacking. use the Roto series (New Technology) hardware for Eurobrus.

Paint materials

windows for the house
Wooden windows for the house

The very concept of "eurobox" is, first of all, high quality finishes. One of the main stages of it is painting. No matter what the room is designed for, the coating should be environmentally friendly, easy to wet cleaning, not to accumulate dust, dirt and static electricity. Currently, paint products require resistance to mechanical and chemical loads. To process our products, we use water-soluble paint systems that do not contain solvents.

production and painting of window frames
Window manufacturing


To select paint, the appropriate technology uses a classification table of "painting groups for windows and exterior doors made of wood" compiled by the Institute of Window Engineering in Rosenheim, Germany. The painting group is determined by the window manufacturer and customers, after which the painting products are chosen.
We manufacture windows with water paint- soil and varnish of such well-known European companies as "zobel", "zowosan" and "SIKKENS" (Germany).


The wooden elements of the euro-conisade are primed by the method of dipping. After that, they are coated by airless spraying. The ground, being an antiseptic, penetrates the wood deeply and seals it. And as a result, it protects from almost any influences. The varnish tones the surface and gives it the appearance of a tree (oak, walnut, beech, etc.). This elastic layer also provides antiseptic protection. The surface does not fade under the sun's rays, but is resistant to the effects of active substances and temperature changes. The total thickness of the water-acrylic coating is 300 microns. The wear rate is 10-20m/year, so the lifespan of the coating according to the manufacturer is decades.


Choosing color for windows
Color palette

Let's not forget the color. With the help of our specialists, you can order the manufacture of windows with the selection of the shade you need. Silky-matte texture combined with the revealed structure of wood will give your window a respectable look and unique charm.


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