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DOORWOOD interior wooden doors - advantages.

Wooden interior doors of the manufacturer - DOORWOOD door factory, this is ideal quality and an individual approach. It's easy to order doors from us! You will receive only a high-quality product - the best interior wooden doors and the best manufacturing material - solid ash. In addition, our store has door hardware. And together with doors, we offer a range of services and related products in our store - door fittings, lock handles and many other items in our assortment. Our customer is the best! And that's why we offer only the best products and services!

Door factory DOORWOOD™ is an official brand

DOORWOOD door factory This is the official trademark of the manufacturer of solid wood interior doors. We value our name and always carefully monitor the quality of the products we manufacture or sell. Every client is important to us. Under each product card on this site, there is a tab where you can leave your comment or simply ask a question. Your feedback helps us become better. And we, in turn, also offer our customers only the best - product and service.


Every door that comes out of production is made with soul. And despite the fact that we use modern equipment and technology, there is always an element where the master puts his hand. We can offer you both standardized warehouse options for interior doors, as well as individual production of interior doors to order, complete with other interior elements, such as wooden plinths, interior partitions, wooden stairs and kitchen. But in any case, every item goes through strict quality control, so that our customer remains satisfied and recommends us to his friends.


In the manufacture of interior doors, we use only the best material. We believe that wooden doors are the best option in terms of durability and quality. We use solid solid wood. Most often, this is an ash massif, as well as natural wood of other valuable species, such as oak or maple. We do not skimp on materials for the sake of cheapness.


Interior doors made of solid wood have been made since ancient times, and the idea of ​​panel door construction was invented more than one hundred years ago. But fierce competition dictates modern requirements for quality and standardization. We keep up with the times and use modern technological glues for regluing the sandwich bar, a telescopic box with a grooved platband and a seal, the door leaf is prepared for the installation of adjustable 3D hinges. All parts of the door leaf and box are assembled before painting, and the fittings have an industrial inlay at the production site. Thus, we follow the entire technological process and monitor the quality at each stage.

Design and complex interior solutions

Separately, it is worth noting that the advantage of our company is that you get not only and not just interior doors, but we offer a complete design concept - a complex interior solution! Along with doors, you can also order wooden stairs, plinths, portals, arch openings, and wooden furniture. A beautiful light wooden sliding partition for the dressing room will also be an excellent option. And we will do all this first with the same style of material (for example, solid ash) and color with interior doors.

Geography DOORWOOD

DOORWOOD door factory supplies interior doors, etc. our products throughout Ukraine and beyond, the United States, the countries of the European Union and others. But first of all, these are large cities of Ukraine, such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc. Over the years of our work, our portfolio has already accumulated a huge number of examples of work - successfully completed orders throughout Ukraine.


All products of the factory are guaranteed for three years from the moment of installation of the products at the customer's facility. This is more than enough to stand the test of time on any product made of wood or mdf or veneer. Any product installed in your premises, whether it is an interior wooden door or furniture elements or a kitchen, experiences seasonal changes in humidity. Spring and autumn are the most important seasons. Winter is when the heating batteries in your room dry the air. Therefore, we believe that in three years after several changes of humidity seasons, you can finally make sure that your products will continue to serve you faithfully for many years.

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