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Door manufacturing

Door manufacturing

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Door manufacturing

Making doors is an art in its own way! And the manufacture of wooden doors is its pinnacle! Doors are an integral part of the completed interior of any room. The ideal combination of design and functionality can only be guaranteed if you order the production of doors, taking into account all the features of the room in which they will be installed.

The technological process of manufacturing doors.

We carefully observe all stages of the technological process. In production we use the best varnishes and glues. And this provides our products with exceptional quality.

Our highlights.

In addition, it is in the manufacture of interior doors that we have some "highlights". Such specific features that distinguish our doors from the general mass of manufacturers. Namely, this is the design of the door frame and leaf.

The box has a rounded end - for beauty. Groove for inserting a seal - for soft and silent closing of doors. If necessary, a box expander is made. Otherwise, it is called dobor. The width of the extension can be for any wall thickness. Adjustable trim inserted into the groove on the box - allows you to compensate for uneven walls. The use of such a casing absolutely excludes gaps from the side of the box and ensures a perfect fit to the wallpaper. The end of the door is not rectangular, as usual, but with an influx - it closes the gap between the box and the door leaf, allows you to install OTLAV adjustable hinges, which are adjustable in three planes.

As for the choice of doors

If you do not know how to choose doors, then our experts will advise you by phone or e-mail. Together with us, the choice of doors will become much easier and more convenient. We give you a full guarantee for all our products. We monitor not only high quality, but also the release of new products. Therefore, our range of interior doors is constantly updated. The great advantage of our company is that you can order doors of any size. In addition to doors, we offer mezzanine and cabinet doors. Wall panels and false boxes in the same style as the purchased door. A wooden door is a real find for supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

Wood is the best material for making doors.

The best material for doors has not yet been invented. Wooden doors are the decoration of any home. And even if they are quite simple. The unique texture pattern of a living tree looks aesthetically rich. The tree in itself bears life and becomes a noble decoration of any interior solution. If you choose wooden doors, you can be sure that solid wood interior doors will definitely fit into any house or apartment. After all, they initially bring harmony, comfort and peace. Noble woods are also a harmony of color and warmth.

Making wooden doors - the pros and cons.

These are the obvious advantages of wooden doors. But every medal has a downside. The biggest disadvantage is the high price. But this is understandable. A quality item cannot be cheap. The rather high price for the manufacture of solid wood doors is due to the fact that manual labor is also used in their manufacture. It is important that the door looks like a holistic design. So that she does not have any birth defects of the tree. And for this you have to reject a large amount of material.

Door price

The price is also made up of many components. It depends on how the array is glued. Same with the outer cover. It can be varnishes or paint, or oil-wax. An important aspect is the technology of wood drying. The method and sequence of production is also important. But as timeless classics, wooden doors never go out of fashion. And quality always counts!

Our customer receives the best combination of price and quality!

It is very easy to order doors from us. We are always in touch! Use any of your favorite messengers and we will give you a full consultation. Our managers will be happy to calculate your order and answer all your questions.


Wooden interior doors - Factory DoorWooD™

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