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The classic white door from DoorWooD™


Classic white door DoorWooD

Voila! The classic white door door is the DoorWooD brand! And how do you feel about this model of the door? ;)

Would you say it's nothing new? In order to please us, to give us aesthetic pleasure, in order to surprise - not always need something extraordinary, new. You don't always have to try to come up with something you're hoping for, no one's ever come up with you. After all, positive emotions in us often causes exactly what for us is associated with something already known, not at all new, and therefore recognizable and so native!

That's right with the doors. What better way to have a proven classic! A classic, filleted white door made of array. Familiar curves, unique texture of a living tree. And also plus our technological features - a rounded box, a telescopic hand inserted into a groove on the box, adjustable loops. So we have the perfect combination of modern technology and classic style!

How to order doors?

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! Buying or ordering doors from us is very simple. Here is this door as a commodity position on our website.

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