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Best wood for windows


Best wood for windows

Choosing the right windows is not an easy decision. Properly selected window frames not only decorate the facade of the house, but for many years provide comfort and warmth in doors. If you decide to install wooden windows in the house, pay attention to the properties of different types of wood. So, the best wood for windows.

The best wood for windows of the Euro window with double-glazed windows

Best wood for windows - meranti

Wood is the oldest and most commonly used raw material for window production. Wood - environmentally friendly, pleasant to the touch material, characterized also by excellent indicators of sound and insulation and resistance to many external factors. wood and its density. Pine, meranti or oak are most commonly used to make windows.
Best wood for windows

Best wood for windows - pine

Pine - traditionally and in Ukrainian
Pine is the most popular raw material for window production. It belongs to coniferous wood, has a density of about 450-550 kg/cube.m, which provides a good strength performance. Pine products are durable, resistant to organics and adverse weather conditions. Pine is a good insulator. The wood has a pleasant warm color. The main advantage of pine is its availability and ease of processing, which affects the attractive price of pine-made windows.

Meranti - solid and modern
Meranti is grown on plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The high resistance of raw materials to adverse weather conditions makes windows made of meranti not only durable, but also have excellent indicators of heat and sound insulation. The best insulation characteristics have meranti wood with a density below 500 kg/cube.m. Meranti is highly resistant to moisture and low in the likelihood of cracks forming. Meranti has an elegant, rich red-brown color and is suitable for fans of exotics, who also appreciate high quality and reliability.

The best wood for windows of the Euro window with double-glazed windows

Best wood for windows - oak

Oak - strong and noble
This noble variety of wood has long been considered a symbol of nobility and strength. The oak is extremely strong - because its density is 650-750 kg/cube.m. It belongs to varieties of heavy, waterproof hardwoods. The curious wood pattern and color have also influenced the good reputation of oak trees all over the world.

Wood is a great material for the production of windows. For Ukraine, we can probably say that this is the best woodfora for windows. At least the value for money is so accurate. The transparent paint coating of the profiles emphasizes the natural color and texture of the wood. But wooden windows are not just beautiful - they will be able to serve you for many years, without losing their isolation qualities and strength.

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