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Radius interior doors Dnipro. Wooden door.

As you know, the door factory DoorWooD is located in Kharkiv. You will probably say, what is the purpose of the Radius wooden interior doors of Dnipro? How did you end up there? Does no one know how to make wooden doors in Dnipro? Perhaps they can, we did not study the market of wooden doors in Dnipro. But we received an order and we successfully fulfilled it. And all because there are some things that we can do, but few people can do them besides us. And these are not only wooden doors. Although we make them with our unique features. We believe that any self-respecting manufacturer should be able to make technological wooden doors, even with a telescopic box. But, in addition to ordinary doors, we can also make radius doors.

Radius doors.

We know how to make radial interior wooden doors and successfully install them all over Ukraine. It was the same with this order. The customer in Dnipro could not find anyone who would make him a radius door and went to look on the Internet for someone who could make him exactly such wooden Dnipro doors and at the same time for reprehensible money. Since our site is Googled quite well on the Internet, the customer found us quite easily.

Hidden hinges or studs?

In this case, as you can see in the photo, pin hinges were used, which we can safely recommend to our customers. They have a lot of advantages, such as simplicity, reliability, adjustability in all three planes, and that is why they are popularly called 3D, but there is a certain nuance. This nuance is purely visual. Pin hinges require that the door leaf have a quarter, and since the quarter rests on the door frame, it accordingly looks a little different, in contrast to how a door installed on hidden hinges looks. Both options are no worse than one, but the customer needs to decide which of these two options is more to his taste. You can see what radius doors on hidden hinges look like in this video, which was filmed on another of our orders in Kyiv.

How is the process of ordering doors?

After the customer contacted me by phone, everything went according to the standard scheme that had been used for years. Having learned from the customer the approximate dimensions of the holes, I quickly calculated the estimated cost. The customer was satisfied with the order of the door price, and therefore, I could safely leave for the measurements. Radius doors require a slightly more careful approach to the measurement of the opening, so that later, when the door is ready, the installer can install it without problems.

Customer feedback

We coped with the task perfectly, the door was manufactured and installed and everyone is satisfied. We are a job well done, and the customer didn't just solve the problem of a small round space, he didn't just find someone who could make such a door for him, even though he had already begun to lose hope in the search. But even more than that, he is happy and satisfied with what good wooden doors he now has and have been pleasing him with their beauty and reliability for more than a year! And how nice that the customer not only said thank you, but also took the trouble to take a picture with his phone and send it to us on Viber!

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