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How easy is it to install inter-room doors on hidden hinges? Video.


How to install doors on hidden hinges?

How to install doors on hidden hinges? The answer to this question will be - very simple! Installation of doors on hidden hinges is absolutely no different from installation on ordinary, non-adjustable hinges such as "book" or "butterfly" and other similar frequently used hinges. Moreover, installation on hidden hardware is even easier, because the hidden hinges are adjustable. So the installation does not differ in almost anything, but the fittings - significantly!

Why is it so easy to install DoorWooD™ doors?

How to install doors on hidden hinges is a difficult question in general, but not in our case. The thing is that our doors arrive at the facility fully prepared for installation. And if the installation itself is no different and even simpler than usual, then with regard to hidden fittings, it requires more sophisticated equipment for tapping. Ordinary hinges can be cut using a chisel and a hammer. And I think that the secret of the popularity of conventional unregulated hinges lies precisely in this. :) And for clarity, do not be too lazy to watch the video;)

Concealed hinges require special equipment.

Under the hidden hinges in the door leaf and the box, deep landing nests are milled. And there is no way to do without special equipment. In our case, everything is done in advance, in workshop conditions, in production. We cut the fittings before painting. Before painting, we also assemble door frames, and all other work has already been done. We paint all parts of the doors disassembled, each part separately. And therefore, in an apartment, or, as in this case, in a house, the installer only assembles a box, like a designer, using ready-made holes. And then, putting it in the opening, hangs the doors on the hinges. In this case, as you can see in the video, hidden fittings are inserted into the door - a magnetic lock and hidden hinges. And this is not only good from an aesthetic point of view. It is also very practical, as the hidden hinges are both very secure and adjustable.

How to order doors with hidden fittings?

You can go to the door store and pick up a model to your liking. If you asked if any of the presented door models can be installed on hidden hinges, then the answer is simple - hidden hinges and a magnetic lock can be installed on absolutely any model you choose! Check with the managers in the chat the complete set and the final cost. Below are links to social networks and instant messengers. This video, as well as many others, you can watch on our YouToube channel. Contact us through the one you like best ;) Or just leave a request on the site and we will call you back!

Our customer receives the best combination of price and quality! It is very simple to order doors from us - contacts.

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