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We received feedback about DOORWOOD doors! Adjusting hinges on interior doors after 4 years.


Review of DoorWooD doors

In this blog post I will tell you about how we received live feedback on our doors and how to adjust the hinges on Doorwood interior doors. We received a call from a customer for whom we installed doors approximately four years ago. The complaint was that when there was a draft, one door buzzed. I did not miss the opportunity to ask to shoot a reportage video - a review. And it was very nice to receive consent.

Review of DoorWooD doors - operating experience - more than 4 years.

The doors are really, as always with us, excellent. After installation there were no adjustments - set it and forget it! But this is an unusual situation. The fact is that these doors are installed in a high-rise building and on a high floor. The house itself stands on the mountain - it is a new building on the street. Rymarskaya behind KHATOB in Kharkov. And apparently, when the wind gets stronger, a steady draft appears in the corner room and the door “sings,” despite the fact that in a normal case one could say with complete confidence that the door was installed perfectly, the fit to the seal was normal, and the closure was excellent. In general, we managed to fix the problem without any problems simply by slightly pressing the door leaf against the seal. And we are in a hurry to share this video with you.

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