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We are happy to present radius doors to your attention. This post is dedicated to them. A large portfolio where a lot of photos of radius doors are collected can be viewed on the relevant page. And also watch a video of the installation process at the facility in Kiev.

Modern construction is replete with non-standard interior design solutions. And really, and who said that the walls in the house or apartment should necessarily be rectangular? The abundance of modern materials and technologies allows not to limit the flight of the most unrestrained imagination.  So, if the walls are round, how do you put doors in them? Construction supermarkets are littered with standard products, doors of standard sizes and shapes. And then come to the rescue masters of the company DoorWooD TM, as our production technologies allow to perform the most non-standard solutions, including radius doors.

We work only with natural wood with an array of ash oak and other predominantly hard woods. This gives us a lot of advantages, the widest opportunities in the field of non-standard solutions. Radius, or as they are called bent doors of any non-standard size for us are not an insurmountable complexity. And how important it is that all the doors in the apartment or house were kept in the same design, style and in one model. And this is also not a problem for us - the lining on the metal front door, the usual swing, flat and radius doors, all will be in the same model.

What is important to understand when ordering such doors. The price is envious of several factors. The first is the complexity of the model. And the second dimensions. The larger the area of the bendable tree, the higher the price. The price of the door is also very serious depends on the size. What's obvious - the larger size of the door - more material consumption. Also, the more complex the model, the more work for the carpenter. After all, every element of the door must be made curved. And if it is a blank fillet door, then accordingly this element - a fillet, also made separately, curved in a certain radius. So is the staple of the lining, and each face, and the upper part of the box, and the cash ... In general, each stick is made radius. Everything is possible for us, but the price varies greatly from the complexity of the works.

To order and calculate the cost contact us, consultants are always in touch! ;)

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! It is very easy to order doors from us.

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