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Why is it better to order doors than to buy at the supermarket?

Why is it better to order doors than to buy at the supermarket? Maybe someone won't agree with me right away, but let's discuss this topic.

We always want to go the way that seems simpler, at first uninitiated. But any, how much there is no serious case requires to understand it and perhaps what seemed simple at first glance, subsequently will not be.


[wpvideo AhH6fCZj]

It's the right way to do it with the doors. I think you came to the supermarket and here they are the doors - take it. And the price is good! But! It turns out that the price is only for the canvas! And you don't even know what you're made of. What's inside? What's the cover made? And the fillets, and the glass? To that, you still have to buy your own hardware. And the fact that the fittings will then be cut on the finished, faceted surface and it is unknown how neat the installer will be and, for example, whether it will scrape the veneer when cutting loops? Besides, you still have to solve the issue of delivery and skidding. How much does a shash cost on the 10th floor?  And this is only a small part of the emerging nuances.

There is a selected door on the display case, but there may not be enough doors. Or not the color that suits you under the walls.  Only standard-sized fees. And the size of the door canvases, as well as the color to choose - ma'mo those yo mamo, as liked to say one of the presidents of Ukraine. ;) And the main thing is that when you finally calculate how many came out in the end with all the unexpected co-payments, the final price behind the doors, no longer seem so attractive to you and who knows, knowing the final amount, would you take such a step or not?

order doors to buy supermarket

Along with the doors you can order a wooden staircase. And the staircase will be made of the same material, that is wood of the same breed and the same color as the doors. It's like, "Why is it better to order doors than to buy a supermarket?"

It's a completely different situation when you order doors from us at DoorWooD™.  First, go nowhere - the meter will come to you with all the samples. After careful measurement there is a contract where all the details of the order are made. You choose the material of the doors and you can always be sure that we work exclusively with an array of natural wood of valuable, hard rocks. You choose the color of your doors and it can be absolutely any - fifteen hundred variants of colors painting the RAL catalog at your disposal. Do not want paint, please toning wood with lacquer and there is also a palette to choose from, there is an individual selection of color.

Unconventional color or size? Not a problem! But it's more expensive, isn't it? The nigs! You can even choose the degree of matteness or glossiness of the coating - 40, 60, 80%. The fitting screws crash at the production, at the stage when the details of the doors are not collected, before painting. Assembling a box, cutting the cash, all this is already done in the production. The "designer" arrives at the customer. At the object, the installer only needs to twist the box, insert in the aperus - and voila! Cashiers and tills are inserted into the grooves, without any nails and the door can be used. And no unexpected co-payments, i.e. To. the contract is announced for the final amount and the full range of works.

Even if it is an order which includes not only doors, but also stairs and openings and plinths and wall panels. See a similar example in this video.

order doors to buy supermarket

Inter-room wooden doors made of maple, with hidden loops and a plinth in one order. Example of "Why it's better to order doors than to buy them in the supermarket"

So, hopefully I was able to convince you that order the doors at DoorWooD™, you're making the right choice and it's actually easier than buying them at the supermarket!

DoorWooD™ - it's easier with us!

Our customer gets the best combination of price and quality! It is very easy to order doors from us.

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