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10 reasons why interior doors made of ash are the best choice:

Interior doors are an important element of the interior, which not only separates rooms, but also adds coziness to the whole house. When choosing a door, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made. One of the most popular and reliable options is an ash door.

1. Strength and durability

Ash doors are characterized by natural strength and durability. It is a hard wood with a dense texture that only gets stronger over time. Ash doors will serve you for more than a dozen years.

2. Stylish appearance

Ash has an elegant texture and a pleasant shade of wood, which allows you to create premium class doors. They are great for both classic interior and modern minimalist style. Ash lends itself well to painting and varnishing.

3. Good dimensional stability

Ash doors are very stable, they do not deform over time and do not bend, keeping their original geometric shape for decades.

4. Resistance to humidity

Ash has a natural moisture resistance, so such doors can also be installed in the bathroom or other rooms with high humidity, without fear of deformation or rotting of the wood.

5. Fire resistance

Ash belongs to fire-resistant species of wood. In the event of a fire, ash doors will last a long time and slow the spread of fire, giving you more time to evacuate.

6. Environmental friendliness

Ash wood is certified according to ecological standards. In the process of its production, no harmful reagents and glues are used. Therefore, such doors are absolutely safe for people's health.

7. Noise insulation

Ash doors well muffle sounds from neighboring rooms, contributing to better soundproofing of your home. It creates comfort and allows you to enjoy silence.

8. Ease of care

Ash doors are easy to wash with any household detergent. They also accept various types of coatings well - varnish, oil, wax, which simplifies their care.

9. Reasonable cost

Ash is a species of wood in the middle price category. You will get high-quality, stylish ash wood doors at a reasonable price.

10. A wide selection of models

There are many different options for ash doors - smooth and with panels, with glass, different colors and textures. You will find the perfect door for your interior.

So, ash doors are a great choice for any room. They are reliable, durable, stylish and environmentally friendly. If you are looking for high-quality interior doors, choose ash models! They will decorate your home for many years.

And now we will add several reasons why you should order interior doors made of ash from the DOORWOOD company:

  1. Own production
    The DOORWOOD company has its own workshop for the production of natural wood doors. This allows you to clearly control the entire production process and ensure high product quality.
  2. Modern equipment
    The DOORWOOD factory is equipped with the latest automated equipment of the world's leading manufacturers for processing and assembling doors. This guarantees the accuracy of all geometric dimensions.
  3. Using ash of high grades
    The company cooperates only with reliable suppliers of ash from the Baltic States and Northern Europe. High-grade ash without knots is used for the manufacture of doors.
  4. Professional designers and technologists
    Door models are designed by professional DOORWOOD designers with extensive experience in the field of architecture and interior design.
  5. Adherence to technologies
    The factory has strict quality standards at every stage: preparation of materials, processing of parts, assembly, finishing coating, packaging.
  6. Warranty 2 years
    The DOORWOOD company provides a 2-year warranty on all ash interior doors and is confident in their reliability and durability.
  7. Delivery throughout Ukraine
    The factory will reliably and quickly deliver your new stylish ash doors to any city of Ukraine in the fastest way.
  8. Good prices
    DOORWOOD offers the best prices for quality ash doors thanks to its own production without intermediaries.
  9. Consultation of designers
    You can get a free consultation from DOORWOOD's professional designers on choosing the perfect door.
  10. Positive reviews
    DOORWOOD products and services have hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers from all over Ukraine.

So, when you order interior doors made of ash from DOORWOOD, you get a guarantee of quality and professional service. Contact us today!

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