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Large Door Sizes

Large Door Sizes

Large Door Sizes

Large door sizes are a challenge for many manufacturers. Since the need to manufacture such interior doors does not arise so often, and it is much easier to stamp something standard, in most cases manufacturers prefer standard sizes.

Door factory DOORWOOD

Large doors sizes - White doors with glass

Large doors sizes - White doors with glass

It’s not that we, the DOORWOOD door factory, are so radically different from other manufacturers, but still we adhere to an individual approach, and first of all, this concerns the fact that we always approach the task in a creative way, in no way regardless of its complexity. .

Interior doors in a private house

When a person begins to equip his home, build his own private house, then probably the likelihood that he will think about making his house look like someone else's, or adjust to universal standards, will be incredibly low. I am sure that everyone wants his house to be spacious, the height of the ceilings to be comfortable, and, accordingly, the doorways should not be cramped and low. And accordingly, it is obvious that the interior doors in a private house will have non-standard sizes, in contrast to how it often happens in apartment buildings.

Our example

Of course, I will give an example of an order we have completed - interior wooden doors installed by us in a private house. And the height of these doors is 2 m 60 cm. Yes, imagine such high doors! And that's not counting the cornice. Very high doors, by and large it can be said to be a kind of luxury. But if the height of the ceilings in your house allows, then this is not only possible, but also recommended. Look at the photos of the doors - doesn't it really look good.

How to order doors?

And of course, I would like to add with pleasure that you can order similar interior wooden doors for yourself. We have a whole collection of doors in a similar style - the Optima collection. And you can also order doors individually made just for you, in your chosen color and style. And, as follows from this post, you can in no way limit yourself and try to fit into standard door sizes.. Write to A Viber to calculate the cost 👉 Viber

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